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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ― William Shakespeare

Can't believe summer is almost over and I will be back to school next week.  YIKES!

I did have a very productive summer - creativity wise - and I have been improving on my new knitting skills.

The striped blanket was made with a friend's baby in mind-- due Oct. But still pondering how to fix "the error" (see previous post).
So, I made a hat for the baby shower in September... and I can always make another blanket to give for the holiday season instead. We will see how it goes.

I love how the hat came out--- so cute! I knit it flat since I am not confident in knitting in the round yet, and I wanted my stripes to look even. Seamed it up with mattress stitch and it looks pretty good.

 I also started a blanket in grey, ended up using two strands of yarn together since I didn't like using the one strand alone (Sheepish by Bernat). I do like how it looks with the double strands, but I had to order more yarn to finish it. Played around with trying to follow an easy pattern to make ridges... did okay with it, but I see where I miscounted a couple of times and purled instead of knitted (or vice versa). Probably will not try to rip out and fix.... it is nice and cuddly soft even with a couple of little mistakes.

Hmmm... what is next for my needles?!

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