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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Knitter's Dilemma

I am working on my baby striped blanket with varying degrees of frustration. I put in a lifeline in a couple of different places since when I rip out I lose my stitches and end up ripping out more than I need to.
I also found a dropped stitch way back here.... but no "ladder" above it. So I am not sure what I did....

I have stretched it this way and that to see if it will unravel upwards, but it doesn't. So for now I have tied it off and I will see what happens.... after researching online I guess I can just secure it in place. Will keep an eye on it for now.

I also changed my mind on the order of my colors and opted to do the green next, followed by a cream color and finishing with a darker blue. Not sure how I like this.... My yellow ended up darker than I had thought and now with the green..... may end up ripping that out too.

Of course only I would knit a wool blanket in the summertime. HAHA.

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