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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Busy Learning This Thing Called Knitting

Been busy practicing my new knitting skills! After I finished the little "lovey blanket" I still had some of the Little Trees yarn left over. So I tried a different pattern that didn't have yarn overs.
Bias Blanket by Jennifer Casa  doesn't have yarn overs and has a nice knit stitch edging with stockinette stitch for the body.
I made a small doll blanket, but stitched the edging too tight so it tends to roll up! Guess that will be handy when swaddling a little baby doll. heheh  Like I said, learning as I go!

This little blanket took me about a week or so to finish. I am having fun tracking my projects and progress on my Ravelry page.

Next up, an actual baby sized blanket for a friend.... she really wants a girl so I am starting a heather rose and heather gray blanket using Diagonal Stripey Baby Blanket by Theresa M. Roeder. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease in the rose and gray. Feels soft and squishy so far, and I am trying to be more mindful of my tension in the border area.

Baby is not due till October, so I will have time to make a boy version if need be! But I wanted to keep practicing.

Enjoy the weekend!

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