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Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Second Finish

My practice piece is done! I tore this thing out a million times as I tried to learn how to follow a pattern, as well as increases (yo and k1f+b) and decreases (k2tog). I practiced a finished edge (slip first stitch p wise and k last) and giving my little buddy a cute face.

He is a bit raggedy and there are some loose areas and tight areas as I practiced my tension. And some rows on the head where I knit when I should have purled....plus some errors that I am not sure what happened! But I am proud of myself for sticking with it.

This little guy is a combination of 2 patterns.
The blanket is from the Lion Brand Baby Blanket Buddy

But I could not figure out the directions to make the head. So after looking around on Ravelry, I found the little pattern "Kitty Baby Blanket"  with a head that was much easier to do.

I used Bernat Soft Baby in Little Trees, size 6 needles.

So what should I try next?!

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