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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Colorful Wednesday

I have fallen in love with all the beautiful solid fabrics that are available now. In the past, I have used tone on tone fabrics or the "marbles" when I have wanted a solid. But these new colors!! How can I resist the temptation! And how do I choose!?

And the color names!! I love them! Fig Tree Olive, Pistachio, Mist, Bright Sky, Hyacinth, Tea Rose......

Kona Cottons from Robert Kaufman:

And more clever color names from Kona! Mango, Lake, Honey,Berry, School Bus, Cardinal......

How do they come up with these names?
According to the Dog House Diaries:   women may 
have some influence on color names
  (no offense to men intended, this is all in fun!)  

 (Click to enlarge image)

I can't get enough of these gorgeous solids, no matter how they get they original names! What about you?

Orange is the happiest color. ~ Frank Sinatra


  1. You are so right, they do have some gorgeous solids out there...

  2. I'm not a solids girl I'm afraid. I always use the Marbles or tone on tones instead

    Love and hugs Gina xxxx

  3. I like your picture of the colour names if a girl or boy! There are some lovely solid colours now aren't there!

  4. I agree. There are some lovely solids out there and I have been thinking of using more in my bags. Thanks for the fun post!



  5. So are you buying some? And which ones? How does one even choose as they are all so nice?

  6. Oooo pretty! Of course you know I love solid white. hee,hee,hee.
    xx, shell

  7. The names of colors has long been an attraction for "her". Have you ever looked at the names for paint?!?! Colors like "Misty Harbour", "Rain drops" and "moss cavern"....there are many many more that are even better but those were the only ones I could think of without leaving the keyboard.....

    And I do buy into the theory that women come up with the names. Speaking from my male mind...colors for me are either "comfy" or "not-comfy". Yep, just those two. Hey, if the human men can have black and white, us cats can have comfy and not-comfy right?!?!

    Looks like all the fabric swatches you showed us, fall into the "comfy" color. It is fabric after all ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  8. Funny post--And so true, too. Solids show up in most of my quilts one way or the other. Oh, to have one of those color cards! Maybe not, though, I would just get in more trouble.

  9. I'd like to say yellow is my favorite happy color! Lol at that doghouse diaries picture... you know it's true! ;)


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