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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Melting!

It is not supposed to be this hot in New England.....! We have already had three 90 degree++ days...... and now 3 more......

Pass the popsicles!!!


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  2. **dodging thread cones**
    Well, it has been warm here too lately, but FIFTY-SEVEN this morning!!!! We'll see how cool/warm/sticky it'll be today.

  3. Arrgh samething here ...I think this is the worst week I could have chose for vacation. We are just sitting in the house watching tv, doing nothing.

  4. Oh, poor you. Do you want to come to Utah for a visit? Usually we are sweating it out this time of the year, but this week our highs are around 80 and into the 50's at night. We have a spare (cool) room in the basement.

  5. we've been over 100 for the last 3 days and i have no AC at the office. i'm melting!!!

  6. I recognize the channel 9 weather. It certainly has been hot in NH. We broke down and put our ac in on Mon.

  7. I hope you survive the heat wave. It passed through last week and I am so glad that it is over. Hang in there!!

  8. sounds a bit uncomfortable. Hope the popsicles work and that it passes quickly. I love New England but I'm kind of glad I'm not there at the moment.

  9. Yeah, hot here, too. It was 98 today, 97 yesterday, 90-something the day before that...and it's looking like we've got more coming. The heat I can take, it's the humidity that gets me. I'll take a popsicle, please! :o)

  10. It's miserable hot here too. I'm ready for some snow. lol


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