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Friday, June 25, 2010

Schnibbles Update

Been working on my schnibbles "Scratch".... these setting triangles are a real challenge for me. I have a hard time with spatial relationships (remember on the SATs there would always be questions about flipping a shape and figuring out what it would look like.... yeah, couldn't do those!)

Several times I almost ripped out some seams because I thought I had sewed the triangle on wrong,but I just wasn't putting the square in the right spot. I was making myself crazy!

I did have to rip a few seams, especially when I got to the end triangles. Put the wrong size on first (oops) then just didn't get it on there correctly. Luckily it seems to have worked out okay. Still have to trim off my triangle tails, but I think I will give this row a rest for now!

I am loving the Swanky, though!

Here are the 2 rows done....

And here are all 3..... figured I would get them all done before I forgot how to do it! hehe
Still have to trim the edges but now I get to make the 4 rows of coins that go in between... maybe tomorrow!


  1. Wow!! ...I love it!! You did a fantastic job :)

  2. Your Schnibbles is coming along great! Love the fabric.

  3. I was never good at that part of those tests either, but I have discovered that with age I have improved. I can do things now that I could never do before (it really was a joke in our family) and I think part of it is quilting. I have learned to visualize better, but there has been a lot of ripping out along the way.

  4. I love the white with the pastels. So clean and crisp looking. you did a fantastic job!

  5. Beautiful colors! They look great. I have done that also--where I don't dare quit because it will take to much time to remember how to do it!!!

  6. I love it too! I LOVE Swanky! It is looking real good!


  7. Love it too! The Swanky fabric is perfect for that pattern! Way to sew and I'm so glad you're Schnibbling with us!

  8. I'm loving it, too! The Swanky fabric is perfect for the Scratch pattern! Way to Sew!

  9. I love 4-patches and I especially love them set on point, simple but so effective!!


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