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Monday, June 28, 2010

Makes Us All Happy Monday 6/28

I have got to share these greeting cards with you!!
They are quilting and knitting related and SO funny that I could not stop laughing!!

I wanted YOU to have a good belly laugh to start off your week, so I had to share....please  read them all, it is so worth it!!

Have a wonderful week!

Dakota Cabin Quilts Greeting Cards  

PS Additional info from Dakota Cabin Quilts website:
Not only are these cards really funny, the stitching/knitting and card-making is accomplished "by a group of about a dozen deaf women who participate in the vocational training programs of Asia Project Grace in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in south-central China. Heretofore denied access to any education and unemployable due to their handicap, they are now being taught Chinese sign language, live in comfortable apartments, make a living wage, and are provided with   retirement funds and health insurance."

(Although many animals found the greeting cards to be quite funny, my cats did not want to risk their dignity by laughing. I thought I may have caught a glimpse of a smirk, but the cat in question emphatically denied it).


  1. I like the card about knitting drunk- I don't drink but I think if I knitted it would probably work out like that!!!
    Happy Days.

  2. Thanks for sharing--have a great week.

  3. What a way to start the week, so are so inspiring my friend

  4. The cards are a hoot! I like the one about judging your caffeine level by whether you can thread a running sewing machine needle :-)
    Inspiring cause for the women making the cards. thanks for sharing that info too.

  5. Cute, that first one had me smiling right off!!

  6. I love the girls laughing and just enjoying life!
    Thanks for sharing!


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