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Monday, June 7, 2010

Makes Me Happy (and sad) Monday 6/7

     In addition to my job at the middle school, I also work for the YMCA at one of their after school programs in an inner city elementary school. It is a structured program with a curriculum of it's own as well as homework help and fun.

     Last week was the last week of the year and we had our big family night celebration on Wednesday. The end of the year is always hectic as we try to practice our songs and dances and get ourselves ready for our show. It is not a "formal" production, we just stand in the gym and sing our hearts out for our families, but you would think it was Broadway with the wonderful response we always get from the parents.

I had just about 100% participation again this year (couple of families had prior commitments) which means we had over 125 people in the gym and then we served them all pizza, juice, cake and ice cream! I get help from the staff at one of the other sites (and then we help them the next night at their show) and after all of these years we have the routine down. The show started at 5:15 and lasted about 1/2 hour. Food was done and cleaned up by 6:30! No lingering over dessert at these functions, everyone just wants to get home.

But as proud as I am of all my students, and as happy as I am that the show went well without a glitch, I am also sad that the year is over! The kids are too, and many of them start crying and sobbing as they say goodbye to me on Friday. You would think we were never going to see each other again! Most of them will be back next year.....

I don't have any pics of the kids to post, I am always running around the entire night so never get to take any. (Probably can't post them anyhow) But here are some cute kids singing to get you in the mood!


  1. Nothing sweeter than children performing. We ended our church service with the 5year olds singing a worship song. My favorite was the little boy who wouldn't stop waving to his family and then kept blowing endless kisses. It was a hoot. I am going to miss Meg's class so much....field trip today and bye bye party Friday ( sigh)

  2. How cool to celebrate the completion of the school year. Those kids are going to remember belonging to something sweet and worthwhile.
    I bet the 'show' is worth the ecstatic applause from the parents :-)
    Happy Summer to you as you recharge for the next school year!

  3. How sweet is that! You know you are loved. :)


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