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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look At Me, I Am A Nominee!

I am sure that you all have heard that Barb from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is giving away an AccuQuilt GO!

In case you don't know what that is, it is an amazing new way to
cut fabrics to make quilts. This is what the little beauty looks like:

 Blog land is all abuzz about this little gadget and now I have a chance to WIN one of my very own!

Are you wondering just how I will win this lovely little gadget?? YOU, my friend, control my destiny. Yes YOU!! Did you wake up today and think it was a day just like any other day?? Today is a very special day, today is the day you hold my AccuQuilt Go! future in your hands.

Now I know that you are probably wondering why I deserve this wonderful gift..... I have been thinking about what I should write about to inspire you to vote for me......

I could use the "I am a just a wonderful person, so please vote for me" argument and write about all the great deeds that I have done......

For example, here is the little old lady that I helped across the street:

And this is the kitten that I rescued from a tree.

NO? Hmmmm. Maybe I should show you pictures of all the quilts I have finished so you know that I am a prolific quilter and will use the AccuQuilt Go 24/7?
Here they are....
No, wait, that is just a pile of fabric..... that pile of finished quilts is around here somewhere..... Maybe here? ....Nope just more fabric!!!

Okay, I confess, I am NOT as prolific a sewer as some of the wonderful quilters out there in blog land. There are plenty of people out there that make many more quilts than I could ever dream to make.

BUT, if I had the great AccuQuilt GO! I would be encouraged to sew lots more because the cutting (and subsequent piecing) would be so much easier for me! (a mere beginner). AND I could get my stash under control by cutting it into great shapes that are all ready for piecing and sewing. I could become the new MADWOMAN of QUILTING with the AccuQuilt Go! Maybe I would even change my blog name to Madwoman of Quilting......??? (nah, the cats voted against that)

Okay, I've got it.... the perfect winning argument for me, writer of My Empty Nest is Full of Cat Hair....... 

If I were to win the wonderful AccuQuilt GO! from Barb, I would make a huge pile of quilts for my houseful (nestful) of cats to sleep on. It would probably look something like this:


You will have to enjoy this facsimile from the LOL cats website because you know that my cats do not like to pose for pictures on demand.
But I am sure that they would look just this cute!

These guys are pretty cute too, and look, they have their very own CAT quilt!!! I could even make one of these with the Accuquilt GO, because they have a die that cuts out cat shapes!!
                                                       (picture credit)

So, there you have it..... I have NOT participated in numerous good deeds and I do NOT have a huge pile of completed quilts to show you. I DO however have a houseful of cats that would greatly appreciate some brand new, gorgeous and and perfectly cut/pieced quilts to snuggle, nap and shed all over. If you don't want to vote for me, then please at least vote for my cats......

Make a Cat Happy...... 
PLEASE Vote for Me to win Barb's AccuQuilt Go!

Thanks for playing along!!


  1. Sheila....super cute post. Purrfect. Can you get your four legged children to go vote for you? I do wish you a lot of luck at winning this GO! I think you'd really enjoy it. In fact, I'm going to go vote right now.

    I've got the Purrfect idea on whom to vote for!


  2. You got my vote, my friend. Good luck!

  3. Hey Sheila! I LOVE your post. You are a very funny lady - and I love to laugh! And, I am a cat lover too (I only have two, but the rest of my family each have no less than 4!) so that's reason enough for me! I already voted for you!! =^..^=

    Best of luck!



  4. That was a great post! It made me laugh!

    Wishing you good luck!!!

  5. I voted for you! Good luck.

  6. What a great post ...I just got back from voting for you ...good luck!!!

  7. How many cats do you have. Yes I wish they could all vote for you. Going now to vote.My cat Chiclet is sad to see you have more then 1 cat. Sometimes I think she wished that I ahd more.Oo well shes my one and only baby.

  8. I voted for you, Sheila. Hope you win that Accuquilt! Thanks for entering my Giveaway at http://www.TheQuiltedPumpkin.blogspot.com! Good luck on both!

  9. That was great! You won me over. ;)

  10. Cute post! I wish Barb could giveaway 5 cutters! ;-) Good luck!

  11. My vote is in. Hope you win :-)

  12. I voted for you my friend!

  13. Very cute Sheila, love those kitties.


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