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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Different Kind of Mojo

No Sewing today, no playing outside in the 90 (yikes!) degree weather. I have my final paper to write for my class.... due on Saturday.
I always have a hard time when I have to pick my own topic.... I prefer to have a topic assigned sometimes. Otherwise I spend A LOT of time thinking and searching about what topic I want to write about before I even get to the actual research and writing!

I have my supplies.....

(have to have some humor!)

So no more excuses.... time to get busy!!!

(PS Come back tomorrow for info on my little give away for Mother's Day!)


  1. No excuses.....good luck!

  2. So what is your topic for this paper?

  3. Good luck with your final paper! ♥

  4. Oh man, writing papers used to make me crazy...I would start cleaning my house to avoid it! Hope you come up with a topic you like.


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