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Saturday, February 6, 2010

TKO.....And the Winner is...

The Stomach Virus!!

Not sure how it found me, or where I picked it up or who was nice enough to share it with me. When a person works with over 100 middle school students each day and then works with close to 60 elementary school students after school, the odds of catching some type of virus are pretty good.

Hospital Soup is a great website with info on how to prevent the spread of germs, and other medical information.

With the outbreak of swine flu, we have been bombarded with information on washing our hands and sneezing into our sleeves. But I found a few of the tidbits on Hospital Soup to be of interest....

"Here is a list of items you should wipe off on a regular basis with some type of disinfecting solution.
1. Cell phones – According to some studies phones handsets are more contaminated with germs than shoes, door knobs and even toilets.
2. Jeans – Who would think that our beloved jeans could harbor harmful bacteria or germs? Items that we touch and/or place in our jeans pockets could possibly be making us sick and we don’t even know it.  Solution: Wash your jeans with the pockets turned inside out in water that is greater than 160 degrees to kill germs.                                                                                                                          (image credit)

3. Rings – Researchers tell us that if you wear a ring you will have more germs on your hands than someone who does not wear a ring. Consider stepping up the frequency of your hand washing even more if you do wear a ring. (ME! I have a ring on at least 5 of my fingers most days...)

4. Credit Cards – You hand your credit card to the cashier who is ill and then passes germs back to your card and then to you. We all knew that paper money was a germ-fest, and now our credit cards! You can clean your credit cards with a mild disinfecting solution or antibacterial wipe.

5. Purses – Never, ever place your purse on the bathroom floor.  E-coli can be spread from the simple act of flushing the toilet. Droplets in the air can contain e-coli and these can land on your purse.You should wipe  your purse both inside and out with a wipe or spray disinfectant."                                  

(For more info on our germy purses, check this out,    and this   ok, this too for more gross germ-ness)

I may never carry a purse again!!

Already feeling better, luckily a 24 hour snooze fest helped me get the better of the bug....

This weekend is Pat Sloan's Winter Stashbuster weekend, and I have my fabric all set to go.

Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend too, whether it is a Super Bowl party, hanging out with friends or family or staying warm in the huge blizzard that is attacking the midwest and central east coast of the US..... I am sending warm thoughts to all of you! Luckily the storm will be south of me this time.

Stay warm!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soonest!!

  2. Great advice, I will check out that site. My son teaches middle school, as does his wife. As they put it, they live in a petrie dish.

  3. I am glad that your sickness didn't hang around tooo long.

  4. Oh I know what you're talking about. Glad you're on the road to recovery. Take care of yourself and we'll say a prayer that the kiddos don't share anything else germy with you. LOL

  5. I hope your feeling better & thanks for the information.

    GO SAINTS!!!

  6. Feel better soon. Have some chicken soup and watch TV.

  7. Oh man... I hope you are doing much better. I had it a few weeks ago and stayed in bed the whole day. Ick, gag, and puke I did! hee,hee,hee.
    Thanks for these great tips!
    sending hugs for a better feeling tummy,


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