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Friday, January 1, 2010

This and That on day one of 2010

Rosebud Quilting hosts Fabric Friday, so I would just like to share these goodies I got from Missouri Quilt Company. ( I know I wasn't going to buy anything in the new year, BUT in my defense I bought these before 2010 started heheh) (AND on sale).

Season's Greetings charm pack and ME The Caroler Jelly roll. I also got a pattern: Santa's Christmas Card from Pieces of My Heart. Getting a head start on next year!?

If you don't know about Missouri Quilt Company, go check it out. Everyday at 12:00 AM Central Time (US) they post a daily deal. Trust me, these are GREAT DEALS. Their shipping is also very reasonable (for continental US).
Their blog community is fun too, and they have a Friday Freebie forum and they give something away every week.

Prairie Moon Quilts held an end of year challenge with 5 tasks to complete. A few pics from my efforts:

                                 Magazines/Books Before    And After.

I took off all the non-book items so there is a bit more room now.... hmmmm I could have dusted off that top shelf before I took the pic! HOW does dust get on a shelf that was previously completely covered with stuff!?
Also, by clearing out this area, I found 2!! things that I had been looking for and had no idea where I had put them. Yay Me!

                                     Sewing table before    And after

Still some work to be done in my sewing room (quilt store?). But I did make a good start thanks to this challenge. And once I start sewing for my 2010 UFO challenge you know the scraps will be back!!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years celebration. I stayed up till 12:00 (and beyond) not because I was celebrating, but because as I get older I seem to stay up later. What is that about?

AND if you have made it this far in this long post, let me leave you with this thought, which ties in with my "One Word" Forgive:

"The Most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves"  ~Ana Pema Chodron


  1. Hi Sheila,
    After reading this post and some older posts, I wish we lived closer together. I think we could have some great discussions, conversations and become friends. I am still contemplating my "one little word". I have thought of several words-even looked up definitions -and still looking for the "just right word." Your word, "forgive" is excellent!

  2. Happy New Year Shiela. Thanks for participating in Fabric Friday, didn't know if anyone was ready for it with the hoidays still. Thanks for sharing. Your one word "forgive" that is a good one, I think mine for this year will be hope.

  3. Love your goodies....and maybe I should clean my room, it seems there is a black hole and things just get sucked into it!!

  4. Gosh I haven't begun to think about organizing ...probably because I am moving my sewing room.

    I love your goodies!!

  5. Amazing the stuff you find when you clean up!! "Oh, there it is..." Happens to me a lot!!

    Nice goodies...have fun with them!!

  6. Good job on completing the Final Countdown tasks! I've already pretty much made a mess in my studio again. My mags and books are still OK for now, but I've drug out fabric already! Congrats on finding missing things. I was looking for one missing block the whole time, and still haven't found it!


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