"Think you can't change the world? Too late, you already have. It was changed for the better the minute you were born. There are more people than you can imagine who will never be the same because they came in contact with you, if only for a fleeting moment." ~Gail Purcell

Friday, December 31, 2010

One Word Challenge 2011

Last year I joined Ali Edwards and lots of other bloggers in choosing one word to focus on in 2010. My word was FORGIVE.
I hoped to be able to work through the hurt and anger that I carry around with me and forgive those that made me feel that way. I am not ready to have those people in my life, but I knew that I needed to let go of the poison before it turned on me.

My word was on my mind often in 2010, but I am not sure if I was totally successful in implementing it. How do you know if you have truly forgiven someone? Can wanting to forgive be enough?

I have been very lucky in that I have been forgiven by two people in my life..... somehow they were able to look past the wrongs I had committed and were able to forgive me and keep me in their lives. I admire their strength.

So while I have not given up on my quest for forgiving others, it is a new year and time to pick a new word.
My word for 2011 is 

Sometimes I feel like I am going in a million directions, and yet I get nothing done! So this year I am going to be more mindful of Focusing on one thing at a time.
 Will you join me? Will you find a word that has meaning for you and see where it takes you this new year? Even if you don't choose a word I hope you will help me with mine!

Happy New Year everyone!!
2011 is going to be a wonderful year!

"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular." ~Tony Robbins


  1. Shelia,
    I like the word you have picked for the new year. Since you asked, I will be glad to help you stay - focused. I mean, aren't girlfriends supposed to help/support one another? Oh, and for a second there, I thought you were talking about me...going a million directions and getting nothing done...lol! You are so right - 2011 is going to be a WONDERFUL year! Happy New Year!


  2. Sheila ..I love this word!! Hmm ...maybe I'll focus on something today :)

  3. great thoughts....focus...a good word for me too ...may 2011 bring you joy

  4. Forgiveness? That is a hard one. But, even the desire to forgive is an important step. Maybe FOCUS will take you a little farther down that path. By focusing on happiness, love and peace FORGIVENESS may come of its own accord.

  5. This is a wonderful idea, Sheila, and you seem to have a knack for choosing life-changing words. Honestly, I should probably choose Forgiveness for myself, but I'm not sure I'm ready yet. I totally get your struggles with forgiveness; I have the same questions.

    As to your new word, Focus, you could achieve amazing things if you focus on Focus. Is that a scary thought? It kinda is to me sometimes.

    I will have to give some thought to this. I could choose any number of words -- much of my life needs straightening up right now. Thanks for the inspiration, and happy new year!

  6. I do like the word "focus" for 2011!! for the last 18 months mine has been "believe"--and I still like that one--but keep thinking I should get a new one for this year--soooo--
    I believe I will focus---
    on what every I am doing at the time--
    I also seem to often try to do more that one or even three things at once and I know I have already decided that 2 things at once is enough!! so yes I would like to join you in this word for this year--now we need a button for our club!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  7. I have selected my word!!! It is "Time". I will be blogging about it soon!!!

  8. Hi Sheila, I love the idea of a "one word" challenge and since seeing your blog yesterday I have been trying to come up with one word that I can try to follow for the year... so far I haven't had a lot of luck. I keep thinking of lots of words but finding the right one so far has alluded me! My husband is also trying to come up with his "one word".

    Your word "Focus" certainly applies to me as well as I need to focus on completing things before rushing off and starting something else - so maybe my word should be "Completion".

    I will have a think and write a blog about it in the next day or so.

    Good luck with focussing in 2011 :-)


  9. Sheila, I think Focus is a great word. When I was doing some journaling in December, I decided that Focusing would help bring about what I want to accomplish in 2011, so I'll help you focus if you help me! Here's to a new year.

  10. Focus and forgiveness were two words I had considered, I know exactly how you feel! Blessings to you in this new year.

  11. Oh Sheila - this is a great word! I completely understand having a million irons in the fire - and focus is just the ticket! Great choice! Wishing you much focus in the New Year!


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