"Think you can't change the world? Too late, you already have. It was changed for the better the minute you were born. There are more people than you can imagine who will never be the same because they came in contact with you, if only for a fleeting moment." ~Gail Purcell

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Tracking

Uh-Oh! Watch Out!

Just Say Goodbye Earl!

Stay safe, East Coasters!!

"The trouble with weather forecasting is that
it's right too often for us to ignore it and
wrong too often for us to rely on it." ~Patrick Young


  1. we get such conflicting reports here in DE...we are just 3 miles from the beach so we do need to be careful...thanks for the good thoughts

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  3. It's 8:30 pm and all is still rather calm here. It's suppose to get a little wild around 10. I'm trying to visit all my blogging friends before I lose power. hee,hee,hee.
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  4. Yikes! I hope it's not coming too close to you -- are you guys expecting lots of residual rain?

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and for entering my giveaway - Good Luck!


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