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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night Sewing 8/20 Update

Handmade by Heidi hosted another fun night of Friday Sewing!

I played around with my pinwheel blocks this week and decided that this one would be okay.
Even though now that I look at it, I should have changed a couple, OH well!)
(sorry the colors are not that great in these pics)

Added the sashing, no going back now!

And finally the borders. Officially a "flimsy"!

Pretty good progress for a Friday Night Sew-In, Thanks, Heidi!


  1. I love the pinwheels and the randomness of the colors!!

  2. That's lovely. I didn't get half as much done as you did

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  3. It's just gorgeous! I love it girlfriend! Where are you going to use it?
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  4. Looks good. And, I agree with you. Sashing is definately the point of no return--WAY too much to tear out.

  5. it's looking great...the border really adds to the overall look

  6. I love it!! I love the colors, the pinwheels and the border!!! What a happy quilt ...congrats!

  7. Looks great Sheila!! I like the white background and sashing, it really makes the pretty pinwheels stand out.


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