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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Schnibbles Times Two

I finished my Schnibbles Scratch quilt for
Kelly's Schnibbles Times Two Contest.!
but be sure to head over to her blog so you can see the show and VOTE! 

Just did some basic straight line quilting. (My tension on the back threads got messed up somehow, didn't realize it till I was done.... sigh)

For the binding I used some of the left overs from the Swanky fabric.
So, I have a finish this month for my OPAM challenge as well!

Handsome Harry
(my new header photo!)
Are there treats under here, Mom??? (are you sure?)


  1. Your Schnibbles turned out beautifully!!
    Kelly said that the voting starts Monday or Tuesday.
    Good Luck!!

  2. It's beautiful, Sheila. Good luck!

  3. The quilt is beautiful - and so is Harry!

  4. You have my vote! It is great--Harry seems to enjoy it also. Would you like me to send you some kittens for Harry to play with?

  5. Love your quilt.....you are certainly a winner in my eyes!!! XXX

  6. I love your quilt too! It's beautiful!

  7. Lovely quilt. Very pretty.
    Harry is looking good on your new header

  8. Your quilt looks so summery. I have just the place for it! Good luck with grad school. What are you persuing your Master's in?

  9. My first visit to your blog and I fell in love with Harry....
    Very nice blog yours.

  10. Love the colors and the quilt! And the sweet kitty posing for the photo shoot.

  11. Love how your quilt turned out, and Harry is a beautiful cat! Did he find his treats?

  12. Love the colors and the pattern you chose for this little quilt. Very nice!

  13. Wow how pretty, and yes you too Harry lol what a sweet. I have 8 myself, all resuce.... way too many, but they are all loved and taken care of... They would love Harry!

  14. I love it!! ..it really turned out beautifully and I'll happily vote for you!

  15. Oh Sheila! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabrics in your Schnibbles!!!!


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