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Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Progress

Got the center of The Between Charming Friends quilt together today. This has been a challenging quilt for me. Lots of pieces in these blocks, and I was quite pleasantly surprised that most of the blocks came out the same size!! I was able to match most seams, although I had to do some easing here and there.

AND I just measured my quilt down the center, 27 1/2", which is what Kelly got when she measured hers in the tutorial! That is amazing for me..... I may get my blocks the same size, but not always the size they are "supposed" to be! heheheh

One issue I do have is those darn triangles!! The little end ones seem to be too small!! (look at lower right corner) I guess I have to take them off and cut new ones???

Now to get working on the pieced border.

PS If you want to see a great thriller that will keep you guessing right up to the end, go see "Inception" with Leonardo DiCaprio. My son and I went to see this and it was GREAT!!! Don't find out too much about it before hand either.... just go along for the fun ride!


  1. Great colors - beautiful quilt.
    Angie - www.craftedAngles.com

  2. I love it!!! Beautiful colors!

  3. Sheila, I think your quilt is turning out very nicely! And I probably wouldn't have noticed your end triangles if you hadn't pointed it out. But it looks like an easy fix?

    Oooh, I want to see that movie...hubby hates going to the movies so we usually wait until they come out on Pay Per View. However, he's traveling next week so I may just hit a matinee!



  4. Your quilt is turning out so nicely....looks like alot of work.

  5. Your quilt looks great - so wonderful when things turn out the way they are supposed too! The little triangles look like they should be easy to fix.
    My son wants to see that movie too.

  6. the quilt is really looking good......
    I havent seen too much about that movie...the commercials for it are kind of strange.....Now I want to see it!

  7. Oh, your quilt is looking great! Love the fabric you chose! And, I was wondering if Inception was good - thanks for sharing - we'll have to go see it!


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