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Friday, June 11, 2010

Pet Musings... Adoption, Names and Cuteness

I am loving the explosion of furry adoptions that is going on in blog land this spring! These are just a few of the lucky dogs and kitties and bunnies that have found new homes. You should pay them a visit!

Joypatch's Bundy

Dandelion Quilts' Jake 

Linda at Little Bits and Pieces: Neptune

Terry Ann's Sawyer

Melinda' fabric fancies's Donald

Roscoe, adopted by a friend of Myra's
Tactile Pleasures in Fabric

The Quilted Fish's Jango

Aren't these little furries just adorable?? And the cutest names!! All of my cats were rescued and most of them had names and I didn't change them. But I love thinking of names for pets.... what about you? Any great original pet names out there?

AND this little guy was found abandoned and was fostered by my daughter who works for the Humane Society. He lived with her for about 5-6 weeks and was adopted this past week by a friend of ours.

When he came into the shelter they named him "Blanco" (white).My daughter didn't like that and changed his name to Bronco because she thought he was so frisky.
Bronco stayed with me for a weekend while my daughter was away and I renamed him "Sparky" because he would spit at one of my cats and it sounded just like an electrical short.

But, his new family has named him Dino, because they already had a Fred and a Barney. Isn't that cute?

Little Bitty Kitty
Dino Home with His Family

I love happy endings!!!


  1. What a cute post. All three of our hounds are rescue dogs either from a local organization or from the street. We have two females: Talullah (black lab mix) and Hershey (bull terrier); and then there's Bailey our male with personality.

    Don't you just love furry babies?

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I adopted my Moose (he's a rotti mix and weights 120lbs) about 2 years ago and I couldn't have found a more perfect companion. He had a bad start in life, but he is so happy now.


  3. I'm always so happy to hear about our furry friends finding forever homes. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, that's so great! All of those fur-babies you shared are adorable, and I like their names, too!

    My pets are always adoptions. I got Wilson at PetSmart when he was 8 weeks old - his name there was Vermont....he was from a big litter and the volunteers at PetSmart had run out of names, so they named the kittens after the New England states! :o) I got Noah when he was 3 months old from a lady that fosters dogs. She had already named him Noah and I liked it so we didn't change it. And Buster, well, he came from my Vet. His mom was my Vet's nieces, Siamese that got out one night and of course came home pregnant. My 18 year-old Norwegian Forrest Cat had passed away 6 months prior so I was ready for a new kitten.

    Thanks so much for sharing, and I apologize for just writing a book! :o(



  5. I loved that you shared this, Sheila.
    Thank you.
    And thank you to all those that extended their hearts.

  6. Sheila, I knew I would like you the minute I read your blog's name! :-) Now I see you have this sweet post up. I can't wait to go read the blog's you have listed and their stories. I see you have my girl Neptune up here. Her nickname - when we don't want her to know we are talking about her is NipNip.

  7. We have many adopted pets.(All but one)
    our cats: Sam (22yr) - Mamma Mamma (about 16yr) Tiger Lily and Clarinda (13yr sisters)
    Tinkerbelle (11yr) Little Mitzer (6yr) Mr. Menace (? at least 10yr) Snowball (5yr)
    our rescue dog - Gustov Smiernoff the Munsterlander Dog (4yr) Rollie-yellow lab (2yr)
    Rollie is the only one that is not a rescue or stray or feral. We got him from a farm where they had puppies.. I wish I could adopt them all.

  8. Love that new babies are being adopted!!! My Killian was adopted, too...

  9. Such sweeties! I wish I could adopt them all!


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