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Friday, May 7, 2010


It's funny how in this technical/computer savvy culture that I live in that I can still feel superstitious!

I debated whether or not I should share that I have sent my application out to a couple of schools (one in a different district). I was worried that I may jinx it by telling everyone!

Now why wasn't my first thought that sharing would help bring positive energy my way!??

So here I am, whispering.... no, shouting my wishes out to the universe!!
Please help me find the right job, the right place to be.....

All positive energy and affirmations welcomed and appreciated!!!

And while I may not be the most religious person..... I am offering a prayer as well.....

Heavenly father, please sustain my spirit as I search for new and meaningful work.
You have blessed me with a healthy body and a keen mind for which I am grateful.
I ask that you open my path as I seek employment that will allow me to support my family and
myself while serving others and your divine purpose.
In gratitude and grace, Amen.


  1. Hi Sheila! Most definitely you should share that you are searching for the perfect job. I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to grant your heart's desires!



  2. You will be in my prayers, whether you feel religious or not.

  3. Sending positive waves to you...NOW!! Everything will work out. As far as the superstition thing, when I turned 13 I did it in style. Yep, it was Friday the 13th! Let me just say, one of my best years. ;o)


  4. Good thoughts for the right job coming your way from AZ!

  5. Positive thoughts coming your way.


  6. ♥ ~~~~~~ I believe *it* will come ~~~~~~ ♥

    ... and good luck in the mean time with helping all the "right waves" to find *you*, and don't forget to open your windows of opportunity to help the waves fly in.

  7. If you believe, it will be. My thoughts and prayers are with your job search. I'm looking forward to hearing good news.


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