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Monday, April 26, 2010

Makes Me Happy Monday 4/26

wOw, where did this week go?? Time is just flying on by. Haven't even had a chance to catch up on my blog reading, so I hope everyone is doing well; I've been missing you!!

I had a little visitor this weekend.....who made me very happy!

My daughter works for the Human Society and she is fostering this little guy for a couple of weeks until he can be adopted. We BONDED this weekend!!! But, I did send him home.... already too much cat hair around here as it is :)

A friend of a friend may be adopting him, so that is good. He is ALL white and his eyes are already changing color. (blue-eyed white cats are usually deaf)

Sure was fun having a kitten around though...

AND.... I have been thinking of having a give away.... I will probably post it next week and have it run until Mother's Day.... so keep your eyes peeled!

And have a great week!! (and check out the new give away buttons I have added to my side bar....)

"When you're alone with your kitten, You don't have to act your age."

"My cat the clown:  paying no mind to whom he should impress.  Merely living his life, doing what pleases him, and making me smile. " (Anonymous)


  1. So sweet, lucky you to spend time with a kitten! ♥

  2. Wish I lived close...I'd adopt that boy in a heartbeat. He is so cute and is going to be a beauty. What a wonderful daughter you have!

  3. Hello Sheila, that kitten it just too cute. I am sure it will find a wonderful home. Happy cat sitting and have a great week.
    Happy days.

  4. What a sweet kitty! I hope he finds a great home!

  5. Looking at the cute pics of the kitten made me happy too. Just too gorgeous. Hope he goes to a loving family xx

  6. What a doll baby!!!! You are way stronger than me being able to give him back!


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