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Monday, March 22, 2010

Makes Me Happy Monday 3/22

Hello Monday???

Anyone home?? A little package came today, all the way from England!

It is my OWOH gift from Zoe at Top Floor Treasures!!

My gift was this beautiful bag, which will be perfect now that spring weather is finally here.

BUT Zoe added some special gifts, made with her own little hands, even though she is busy planning her own wedding!

Look at those adorable kitties.... they are magnets!! And they are already living happily on my fridge. And that beautiful OWOH Heart is hanging right near my computer so I can see it every day.

Some postcards from England.....

Look at those happy kitty faces :)

And the beautiful fabric in my new bag!!

Thank you Zoe, for making my Monday especially happy this week!


  1. Hey Sheila, that little white kitty is so cute!! Bright photo for a Monday post, and lucky you on your gift from England!

  2. OMD you just reminded me... how nice to show off your gratitude with a post like this. I didn't do that for my giveaways and I suck! I want to do it asap but the GABE project has gotten me quite stressed, pressed for time and disorganized.

  3. Parcels like that make me happy too. Have a great week and enjoy those presents. Happy days.


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