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Monday, March 15, 2010

Makes Me Happy Monday 3/15

What makes me happy today??

I am baby-sitting my daughter's dog Wylee this week 
while she and her boyfriend are in ARUBA!

Doesn't she look comfy?


  1. Wylee looks very confy indeed. That was a great Monday photo. It made my day/week :)

  2. So cute! You are a good friend to babysit the dog. It is so much better than putting them in a kennel.

  3. Wylee looks so comfortable you are obviously do a great job with the sitting. Happy Monday.

  4. Wylee looks like a dog we used to have called Venus. She was a copper colored german shepherd and boxer cross. We miss her alot- we had to put her down after she contracted a disease called " canine bloat". Venus loved to curl up on the sofa- too.


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