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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My OWOH Winner

Robbin was the winner in my OWOH give away and she received my package on Wednesday,
so now I can share some pics of the goodies I sent to her.

She won the little quilted bag that I made, and I filled it to the brim with little things from NH. 
I had fun shopping like a tourist looking for keepsakes from the Granite State.

NH Postcards, car decal, moose mints, chocolate candy that looks like granite rocks, loon ornament, Yankee Candle car freshener, Old Man in the Mountain maple candy and pin, moose sachet, tea, earrings and for fun some St. Patrick's Day socks. Robbin said she had fun opening it, but boy did I have fun packing it!

And yes, it did all fit in the bag!!


  1. Congratulations to Robin! What a fun giveaway!

  2. what a great prize so many goodies :)

  3. What a great prize of goodies- how nice for Robbin - you did a terrific job - and it looks like you had lots of fun being a tourist.

  4. Wow great giveaway! Lucky Robin. Glad you had fun shopping for the additional goodies. The OWOH was such a wonderful event.

  5. Congrats to Robin, and it was a wonderful giveaway!


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