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Sunday, January 3, 2010

True Up Favorite Fabrics 2009

True Up is conducting a survey/contest and here are my results for Fabric Favorites in 2009:

1. Favorite Fabric Shop: Homespun Hearth (I spend way too much money here)

2. Favorite Holiday Fabric: Moda Glace! Christmas-y but not too.

3. Favorite Floral: Birdie by Me and My Sisters

4. Favorite Geometric: Kaffe Fassett Targets

5. Favorite Novelty Print: A's Bees and Dandelion Seeds byJacqueline Paton

6. Favorite Motif: Birds! They seem to be showing up everywhere!

 1.  Alexander Henry        2  Dena Designs  
     3 Michael Miller

7. Favorite Colors: Browns and Pinks!

Blush by Basic Grey

8.Favorite Fabric I worked with: Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey

9. Favorite Juvenile Print: Little Blessings by Robert Kaufman fabrics

10.  Favorite New Designer: Kate Spain

Check out True Up for more information!


  1. Oh, all those adorable birds! so lovely. I have no more room!

  2. There were some beautiful bird motifs in 2009!

  3. OOh that Kate Spain looks neato!

  4. I'm with TaraLee-- Kate Spain is new to me, but I'm definitely intrigued! :)


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