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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Drum roll, please.........

I have finished my project for January!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray for me!!!

This is a quilt for my dear friend who graduated from college when she was 38. She graduated from college 2 years ago!!! The quilt was almost done in time for her graduation party, and when it wasn't I stopped working on it and put it away. This challenge helped get me going again.

I knew I wanted to include this fabric from Mary Englebreit in the quilt because my friend would always joke around about being the queen of all things:

This fabric was the focus fabric that I used to help pick out my palette.

My friend also LOVES dolphins, (she even has a small tattoo of a dolphin) and when I found this piece of dolphin fabric in my stash, I just had to include it in the quilt. Luckily it fit right in with the palette:

I made this quilt from fabrics I had in my stash except for the ME fabric which I bought especially for my friend and the border fabric. (I hung it over my bird's cage to take this picture). I just did a simple cross hatch pattern for the quilting. I am not a confident quilter. I have done some free motion quilting before but I couldn't find my free motion foot when I was ready to start quilting so I just went with the cross hatch.

So now I have to see what my February project will be.



  1. Well 'yah' it is Sheila...your quilt is awesome...and I am sure your friend will be thrilled.....I hope you are very proud of your finish....Peg OPAM 2010

  2. What a fun, colorful quilt and I LOVE the saying about being a queen!!! :)

  3. Yeah!! ...what a great quilt ..I love the bold colors!!

  4. Congratulations on getting it finished. If this is the largest of your UFO's the rest will be gravy!

  5. Go Shelia! It's AWESOME! I love ME.

  6. Good job Sheila! I'm so glad you finished this. The colors are great and I love the Queen Thing! Very cute. I know your friend will love it. I'm still working on mine. At least I'm at the quilting stage and I'm enjoying it alot. It's taking me alot longer to quilt than I thought but it's going ok. I decided I would quilt this myself cuz I can mess it up just like anyone else and I'd rather be mad at myself than someone else! Besides, I wanted to be able to say I did the whole thing! Hugs, Linda

  7. Congrats on your OPAM finish! A wonderful quilt with its bold colors!


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