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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not feeling the "Hermit in Me" this weekend

So you all know that I tend to be a bit of a (happy) hermit. But so far this weekend the hermit in me is on vacation. Had girls' night last night with some friends, food and a movie. Its more about laughing and togetherness than watching the movie..... but it was light and funny which is perfect for girls' night.

Today, more fun with the girls.... lunch (Mexican) and then we ventured out to see this movie:

All I can say is GO SEE THIS! I should have brought the box of tissues with  me, as I cried thoughout the entire movie!! It made my friends crazy to hear me sniffling. I cried at both the happy and sad parts!

What makes it even better is this is based on a true story!!! (pic of real Mike and family)   goodnewsintulsa.com

I work with kids that come from similar backgrounds as the star of this story Michael  Ohrs.... and I think that is part of the reason I cried..... knowing so many kids won't get the lucky break that Michael did....

Sunday: birthday lunch (Italian) for one of the girls..... more laughs and togetherness fun....

So I wasn't  able to get to all that weekend sewing I wanted to do (yet), and I have done some procrastinating....   but it did feel nice to shed that hermit-y skin for a while!



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  1. It is so good to get out and just let your hair down....glad you had a good week-end


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