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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Gratitude Countdown Day 8

Today I was getting my hair cut and colored (way over due!) and while I was waiting for the timer to ring, I was reading the November issue of Good Housekeeping. It was almost like I was meant  to read this particular issue because there was a short article on gratitude!

According to a study done in England in 2008 people with a positive and grateful attitude enjoy a longer, more restful night's sleep.
From an article in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research online:

"When falling asleep, grateful people are less likely to think negative and worrying thoughts, and more likely to think positive thoughts. It appears that negative pre-sleep cognitions impair sleep, and gratitude reduces the likelihood of such thoughts, protecting sleep quality. Equally, it appears that positive pre-sleep cognitions have a positive effect on sleep, and that gratitude facilitates these thoughts, leading to superior sleep quality."

SO, if you need another reason to be grateful for everything in your life, getting a good night's sleep is a good enough reason for me!

Today  I would like to express gratitude for the home I live (and sleep!) in. I still live in the house that my (ex) husband and I bought back in 1985 when the three kids were under 5 years old. They grew up in this house and don't remember living anywhere else. They all live in their own places now, but this house is still "home" to them. It is way too big for me, I have to hire repair men to come and help me fix stuff (when my very handy son can't do it himself), and it is full of the clutter of almost 25 years.....

Every once in a while I think about selling and moving into something smaller, newer, or condo-ish..... but part of me doesn't want to give this house up just yet. It is full of memories, both good and bad.... and it is home.

I am grateful for my home, especially when so many people don't know where they will be sleeping tonight.

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