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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well here I am in "blog land", somewhere I never thought I would be! But I have been reading some wonderful blogs these past couple of months and I have gotten inspired.
I always knew that there were amazing, talented women out there and I have loved seeing all of this creativity displayed on their blogs.
Years ago when my own children were small and I was home more, I spent a lot of time doing needlework. I would stitch at night or during their nap times and share the finished results with my family and friends.
As the kids got older and I worked more, I lost some of that energy and enthusiasm I had for stitching. I have slowly gotten into quilting in the last five years, and have several things in my "to do" pile, but I find I'm still having trouble getting started.

I am hoping that by sharing my experiences with family and friends in "blog land" that I can regain some of that enthusiasm and energy that I have had in the past. I know that I have missed the quiet comfort that stitching brings to me.
Can't promise that the journey will be exciting, but I hope you will join me while I try to get back in the creating groove.

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